City Pulse at One World Observatory

City Pulse, an installation consisting of a set of ten monitors uniquely arranged in a ring, allows tour guides to engage with visitors to One World Observatory, pointing out city landmarks, providing a virtual tour of city culture & history, and weave in updates from relevant social media channels. A custom-designed gesture control system allows staff members wearing an armband to summon & manipulate media across the screens to enhance their stories about nightlife, parks, kids' activies, sports, and more as they engage with visitors and respond to audience questions.

My role in this project was as technology lead. This included prototyping and production software of Bluetooth armband code & communication/relationship-building with the hardware manufacturer, writing much of the frontend multi-channel video software, overseeing & consulting with additional back- and front-end developers, writing extensive documentation, liaising with other designers throughout the project, liaising with vendors on-site during installation, and troubleshooting/maintenace of the project post-launch.

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